My name is Richard Day and I am an independant watchmaker in Wimbledon, Southwest London.

My watch case pattern is my own design and I make them by hand in my workshop. The workshop was originally set up to make traditional refracting telescopes, but after health issues caused me to reconsider the logistics of dealing with and shipping fragile, 1.5 metre instruments of this nature, I have turned the workshop to another passion; watchmaking.

Please have a look around my website and see how my astronomical past has influenced my watch design and work.

The R. Day Antares is made in very small numbers, uses a quality Japanese movement, and is designed and made to not only tell the time, but also be an art display piece on your wrist.

Please check out my Instagram feed for workshop news and relevant updates on current build progress.

Special thanks to C. Hanvey / Instagram for allowing me to use a couple of his superb images.