Giving myself some Space

I originally set up my workshop to make astronomical telescopes, specifically refractors. In an industry that was primarily dominated by imported instruments that I felt were lacking in 'style', i began building traditional refracting telescopes with modern materials and lenses. Refractors' are a lens-in-the-front style of telescope and this makes them tend to be rather long, graceful and impressive looking instruments. Ultimately, I built well over a hundred instruments and they were shipped to buyers in 5 continents.

in addition to being able to create some truly beautiful and timeless instruments (that still occasionally cross my path to this day), I was approached by a team of London film students to make a video, which captures that time of my life superbly (and also that of my then young son). Apologies for my hair. ;)

In a moment of considerable pride, one of my instruments was also featured in a piece in a 2014 edition of the Wall St. Journal!

A health scare in 2016 lead to a change of personal direction, but i have many photos from this time and as i rediscover them i will add more to this page.